A simple and also exciting boho rug will provide you with brilliant colors, a maze of exquisite details, and a fabulous home accent!
Our affordable and variable bohemian style rug collection is indeed a set of must-try if you adore an expressive style of design. 

Boho Rugs for a Bohemian Style Room

A rug that exudes boho style will deviate from traditional patterns, and shapes, in a usual way. 

When styling your living room or bedroom in a boho look, the cool thing is not whole decoration has to match each other. Aim for a beautiful combination of shape, color, pattern, and size that suits your style, such as: 

  • Round runner or jute and sisal mats for entry.
  • A modern area rug featuring a geometric or neutral tone design in a living room or high traffic areas.
  • white or light beige sheepskin rug next to the bed.

How to Choose A Boho Rug?

Wool rugs or cotton rugs?  You should figure out what rug material is suitable for your space. Wool rugs enable durability and, cotton rugs are easy to clean.
Patchwork, geometric or contemporary rugs can add a boho look to your living room.
Color is a significant point to choose a boho rug. If you want to make a smaller space make larger you should choose lighter colors. Neutral colors help to create a calm and cozy room.
See how our trendy, designer boho rugs can transform your home and match your personality.

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